Coaching Certifications 
  • Athletics Australia Level 3  Performance Development Coach

  • Australia Swimming Certified Coach

  • IAAF Youth Certified Lecturer & Coach

  • USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach

  • ITU Level 2 Coach

  • USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Coach

  • USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

Safety Certifications 
  • First Aid, CPR & AED

  • CoachTrue Clean Sport WADA

  • ASCIA Anaphylaxis 

  • PBTR Child Protection 

  • Blue Card 

I never know what to answer when someone asks me 'Where are you from?'

Travel map.png

The 'map of my life' explains a lot about me: where I came from, where I have been and which cultures influenced me and made me a better person. I am fluent in four languages: English, Russian, Czech and Italian.

No matter what language I speak, according to Trevor Noah, I speak with 'the scariest and most dangerous accent (Russian)'.

I am aware of it and I believe my smile making up for 'uncomfortable' accent :). 

I am a pre-service teacher. I am in my second year of Bachelor Degree in Primary Teaching at Curtin University. I am proud to be on the Elite Athlete Program representing Curtin University Athletics Team. 

Athletes FIRST. Winning will follow 

I am a passionate athlete and coach. I love the sporty lifestyle and I am committed to athletics and triathlon for life. This lifelong love and commitment explain why athletes I coach develop the same passion for the sport.

I have years of competitive running and triathlon as my background. I am a successful athlete. In my athletics career, I made mistakes (everybody does) and I learned from them. 

I wanted to know more, understand better methodologies, and that is how I started my education to become a competent and knowledgable coach. I also was very fortunate to have fantastic coaches, who all positively contributed to my coaching philosophy by setting examples of very high standards as a coaches and as a human being. 

I understand how important it is to have a coach you trust, a coach who will understand, support and protect you when needed. I am doing my best to be that coach.

I love to share all my knowledge with the athletes all the time.  Wherever possible, I am trying to prevent them from repeating the history and making the mistakes I made. However, if a valuable mistake happens - together we reflect, learn and we look forward to another race and goal. 

My approach, beliefs and goals are simple: 

1. To make sure an athlete is having fun while training.

I want athletes to develop a passion for the sport.

2. There is no absence from training due to injuries or illness.

As already mentioned, athlete well-being first and consistency is the key to success! 

I am a big fan of the legend Arthur Lydiard and his contribution to the sport. I follow Lydiard's training principles. Success comes from consistency and a gradual build-up of mileage. This requires patience from both the coach and the athlete. There are no benefits in shortening the endurance build-up phase. However, I do work on essential speed and running skills from the beginning and almost all year round. 

I do not believe in 'talent identification tests'. 

I have no entry requirements except that athlete (and parents for junior athletes) must love sport and demonstrate discipline and commitment to long term cooperation.