What is Kids' Athletics?

IAAF Kids' Athletics is one of the biggest development programs in the world of junior sport. The program is suitable for primary school children with a focus on teaching the fundamental movement skills (FMS) of running, jumping and throwing (physical literacy) in fun and enticing ways using children specific modified equipment.

The FMS are transferrable across all sports and underpin the complex event-specific tasks of Track and Field. 

Physical literacy allows children to gain confidence across a wide range of physical activities. The basic FMS has to be mastered before moving into specific and more complex sport-specific skills. 

IAAF Kids' athletics program is ABC of the athletics with a focus on 

  • Agility

  • Balance

  • Coordination

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Children who received appropriate physical literacy education and can perform FMS with confidence are more lickly to stay in the sport longer throughout life and being healthy and happy citizens. 

The IAAF Kids’ Athletics activities and learning sessions are a game-based approach to develop the skills and ensures that the children are having fun while learning.

The IAAF Kids’ Athletics program is designed to be accessible for all skill levels as well as for differing physical and social capabilities. The program has the flexibility to be adapted to cater for a variety of skill levels within a group of children. Suggested modifications to activities are listed and deliverers of the program should assess the group of participants before beginning a program so to plan the sessions appropriately.

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The safety of the participants is my primary consideration. While conducting a program I provide an adequate level of direct supervision to ensure the safety of all the participants and assistants. Using especially for young athletes use modified equipment automatically reduces the risks associated with some athletic events. 

The program can be delivered in three skill levels:

  • Beginner (Foundation - Grade 2)

  • Intermediate (Grade 3 - 4)

  • Advanced (Grade 5 - 6)

The Kids’ Athletics Program is fully aligned with all relevant school curriculum competencies.

The delivery of the product can be modified by the number of sessions with a minimum of 4 lessons.