"There are champions in every neighbourhood" 

- Arthur Lydiard 

I am Athletics Australia Performance Development Level 3 coach currently coaching in Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia. I started my coaching career while living in Berkeley, California USA in 2015. Later, in 2017 I became I nternation Triathlon Union (ITU) Level 2  coach.  

I support and focus on every athlete's consistent improvement, no matter what the athlete's background and current ability in running. I invest my time and energy into athletes' gradual development for long term improvement and for this, I make sure that athletes I coach build an excellent foundation so they become efficient runners and Elite athletes.

I work with athletes from 14-years of age and older. However, I would also consider younger athletes based on their passion for running or triathlon with appropriate training load adjustment. 

  • I support, encourage and welcome the participation of para-athletes in the sport and in the squad. Feel free to contact me to discuss the opportunities for young para-athletes. 

Olga Firsova. Winner of BridgeToBrisane 5km road race in 2019

  • I coach runners and triathletes and can work as a triathlon coach or as part of a co-coaching programme focusing on running only. Co-coaching is possible with full cooperation, clarity and support between athletes, coaches and parents.

  • I currently taking new athletes from the Sunshine Coast area for running and triathlon coaching.

  • NO previous experience in the sport of running or triathlon is required

As  IAAF Kids' Athletics  qualified facilitator I deliver a fantastic IAAF kids' athletics program at schools. The program fully supports the Australian Curriculum of Health and Physical Education and ideal for primary school-age children from 5 to 10-years of age. For more information please refer to IAAF Kids' page.

I believe that...

Running is a fantastic sport and should be part of every person's life. Developing efficient running dynamics (which looks beautiful and effortless), running endurance and speed is essential for middle and long-distance runners. Not to forget that triathletes win their race in a final discipline - running. Triathletes can and should train and compete with Elite runners. 

Before you become an Elite distance runner or triathlete, young athletes must be solid middle-distance runners first. Only then gradually progress into long-distance. For example, runners should not attempt 1500m race if he/she has not run 800m under 2:30 min. A runner should not try to run 5000m if he/she is unable to run 1500m under 5:30 min. The same applies for triathletes - stay in a sprint distance (or super sprint for younger or beginner athletes) until you managed to finish sprint distance under 75 minutes.  

European Champion. Silver Medalist World


I am committed to my athletes and to the sport.

I like to develop commitment in athletes too.


My goals are clear: to make training fun and interactive and to help athletes to develop their physical, mental and social skills. 


I have a genuine concern for my athletes I coach. Not only do I have a passion for the sport, but I also have a desire to share my knowledge and experience. 


Yes, athletics challenges me and anyone else who is doing it. Athletics helps us build character, discipline and resilience.


It is the most important part of my personality. I love to laugh at myself with my athletes. I teach athletes how to celebrate success and how to quickly forget and move forward from negative experiences. Life is just more enjoyable with humour and a few jokes before, during and after the training.   

Image by Lisa Wall

Olga is an asset to any child’s sporting career!


In just a year, there was a huge improvement in their running. My children also developed a love for the sport. Coach Olga introduced some basic physiology, correct eating habits and injury prevention to the children and parents.

 In just a year training with Olga, all 3 boys got provincial colours in cross country and represented their province in the Soth African Championships. One son came 1st in the province (150 athletes) and was 7th in the South African Championships and the other came 4th in the province and was 8th in the South African Championships. 

Under Olga's coaching one of my sons became the junior cross country athlete of the year at school and the other the overall cross country champion athlete at the school (school with 1700 pupils)...”

— Linda, B., mother of 3 athletes U12  [South Africa]